ILA has partnered with a number of Corporates around the world to fulfill their needs of educating employees on certain subjects.

Our experts have designed many modules of Training on-

Compliance and Ethics' Basic(CEB)

Topics include:
• Standards, policies, and procedures
• Compliance and Ethics Program Administration (CEPA)
• Communications, education, and training
• Monitoring, Auditing, and Internal Reporting system
• Response and investigation, discipline and incentives
• Risk assessment

L.A.W. (Law Awareness Workshop)©- Senior Module(SM)

L.A.W.-SM©is a specialized Program for Adults (18 years and over)


to aware them with the latest law on
Cyber laws,
Sexual harassment,
White collar crimes, etc.

This program benefits Industry employees to become responsible employee and noble world citizens by bringing awareness into them to stay away from certain practices which are defined as Crime in Law.

   Corporate Training