As a global Lawyers’ Platform, we believe that we have a responsibility, as world citizens, to help shape the future in a way that provides economic, ecological and social benefits for all.

People across ILA  at every level (Our members ) are committed to carrying out pro bono work (offering their legal skills for free), LAW students(volunteering their time and talents to support people who need help.), Corporate clients( Donating to help and support our CSR initiatives and different projects.)

Our actions in the area of corporate responsibility are many and varied across our business, but in all our activities, we seek to behave in a way that consistently reinforces our business principles of quality, unity and integrity.

Our corporate responsibility programme focuses on:

We are committed to the open and transparent communication of our corporate responsibility objectives and initiatives and our performance against our targets to our people.

We are grateful to every person who gives their time to our causes.

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