ILA's member Firms have been regularly advising multinational companies on regulatory issues relating to environment in different parts of the world  besides representing our clients in environmental litigation matters .

Member Law Firms of ILA have represented leading multinational biotech companies, agricultural universities before Supreme Courts of different Jurisdiction of the world and before Appellate Authority

Member Law Firms of ILA regularly advising clients on the regulatory compliances under different provisions. Member Law Firms of ILA are also advising clients including real estate companies on issues relating to groundwater usage and waste management. We have advised clients on environmental issues in real-estate, infrastructure and energy sectors besides advising on emission reduction.

Member Law Firms of ILA provide advice on environmental laws, rules and regulations, governmental incentives available to further environmental interests, including tax credits, grants and land use provisions. Our member firms advise its clients on regulatory compliances related to environment protection laws.

ILA members have assisted companies in developing policies, procedures and systems, minimizing the risk of damage to their corporate reputation by helping them establish a name for responsible environmental stewardship. Our member law firms also advise clients on environmental market transactions (carbon trading).

Environment Law & Regulatory