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                                                          ABOUT cLAM PROGRAM


What is the scope of this course after completion?
Only those candidates are enrolled in this Program who are willing to work with Indian Law Associates as Astt. Manager/ Manager- Legal aid .

How would I learn in this Program?
The course is delivered online through e-Books/video files in your email.

Is this tough Program, I have doubt if I failed to learn?
Program is crafted in such a way that it should be easy to understand and learn.  This course is not for Fail and pass but for gaining maximum knowledge out of given content. If you could not learn well due to any reason, we will again help and teach you without any extra cost or fee.

I am from Mumbai and living in Delhi, Can I enroll for the Program?
No, if you are not a permanent resident of Delhi but living in Delhi, you can not apply. We only enroll local permanent resident of the city for which you applied because for our projects a local candidate can better work than a non resident.

What are the topics of study in this Program?
To know about the course content/syllabus
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What is the duration of this Program?
Duration of the Program is 4 weeks of online learning plus 2 weeks' of Internship to give you practical training through LIVE projects.

I am a Housewife, can I enroll for this Program?
Yes. We encourage women to apply, but only if you are eligible and willing to work with Indian Law Associates as Astt. Manager/ Manager-Legal Aid. To check your eligibility,
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I am Graduate in Law, I have already full knowledge of legal procedures. Do I need to enroll for this Program?
Yes, inspite of your degree in Law that you have alongwith fine experience and knowledge you possess about legal procedures,you are still required to enroll for this Program. Your knowledge and experience will help you to understand this course more efficiently but the knowledge this program will provide you is unique since it is prepared by law experts uniquely to fulfill the demand of skills and knowledge required particularly for the position of Astt.Manager/Manager-Legal Aid.

I am student, Can I enroll for this Program?
No, we do not enroll students.

What is the eligibility required to do this Program?
You need to have successfully completed minimum Graduation in any stream.  To check your eligibility,
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What is the basic skill set required before enrolling me for the course?
Basic computer knowledge along with proficiency in surfing internet will be helpful in pursuing cLAM Program.  To check other parameters on eligibility,
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I am Graduate in Arts. Can I apply for this course?
Yes, you are eligible. To check other parameters on eligibility, 
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I am graduate in Computer Science, can I enroll in this Program?
Yes, you are eligible. To check your eligibility,
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I am 36 years of age, Can i apply for this Program?
No. as per rules, to maintain uniformity among cLAM participants, we only enroll candidates not more than 35 years of age. 

I am working professional, can I enroll for the program?
Yes, you can enroll for the Program but check yourself with your present commitments whether you are available to work with us after completion of the Program.
As per rules, only those candidates are enrolled in this Program who are willing to work with Indian Law Associates as Astt. Manager/ Manager after completing the course.

I am 10+2,  can I apply for this Program?
No. Minimum Graduation in any discipline is mandatory to get enroll in cLAM program.

I am Graduate fresher. I have no experience of any kind, can I enroll for the course ?
Yes, You are eligible to enroll. To check your eligibility,
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I am from Chandigarh, can I enroll for the course?
If you meet eligibility criteria, you can enroll.

Do you provide any Training Material?
Yes, we do provide training material.The course is delivered online through e-Books in your email.

How can I register for the course?
To get registered for the course you need to fill the application form online and submit all relevant documents. Which documents are required to submit,
Click Here to access Application Form. 

I have filled the form 2 days back but did not receive any email. what is my status?
Our office will evaluate your submitted application, attached documents and will send final confirmation email within 24 hrs. If you do not receive a reply within 24 hrs. after submitting online application form, it means your application could not be approved.
Do I get any practical training as well?
Yes. After completion of 4 weeks' learning, candidate would undergo 15 days of Practical Training out which 2 days would be in New Delhi for Orientation Program and Photo session including Encouragement Meeting with Authorities of Indian Law Associates and other fellow participants at New Delhi (Visit of Supreme Court, Delhi High Court and famous (Patiala House Court ). 
You get to work on live project during the training to have your hands on it before you start it in your jurisdiction. Practical knowledge through LIVE projects help you understand the work procedures in a much better way and help you build your expertise in the functional area.

                            ABOUT cLAM PROGRAM FEE and SCHOLARSHIP

How much is Program fee, what does it cover? 
cLAM Program Fee is Rs.
9950 (inclusive of all taxes). Program fee covers:- 

  • Study material and Assignment Evaluation Fee
  • Dedicated online / phone support by Program Coordinator for anytime solution of problems/query
  • I-card fee (including courier charges)
  • Practical Training/Orientation Program at New Delhi. (includes charges for 2 day stay in hotel, with all meals)/ Astt.Manager/Manager Launching Program in the city of appointment followed by Dinner 
  • cLAM Certificate fee
  • Stationary fee (Visiting cards, letter head, rubber stamp etc.)
  • Personalized email on ILA domain (example: yourname@IndianLawAssociates.com )

Is scholarship available?
Yes. ILA is a law initiative for the welfare of Indian society and not for making profit. Categories under which a 50% scholarship can be granted are described below in next question.

What are categories for the grant of Scholarship?
Following applicants will get 50% waiver in the Program Fee on submission of valid required proofs, and on recommendation of Program Coordinator / ILA Board.
1.) Female applicant
2.) Applicant (whose Family income is less than Rs.1 Lac per annum
3.) Children/siblings of Serving or Ex. Army personnel

I am a woman, can I get scholarship in Program fee?
Yes, female applicants are eligible for 50% scholarship.

I am eligible for grant of Scholarship, what Program fee will be applicable to me?
If you are eligible and can provide required documents that proves your eligibility, your program fee would be Rs. 4975.

What is the mode of payment of the Program fee?
You are required to pay fee online on our payment gateway through Credit Card, Debit card, Netbanking, wallets etc. Choose your convenient option.

Do you give any discount/concession in Program fee?
Yes, we give upto 50% of scholarship to some categories as an encouragement and support.

                                                    HOW TO PAY PROGRAM FEE

Where to pay fee?
You are required to pay fee online on our payment gateway through Credit Card, Debit card, Netbanking, wallets etc. Choose your convenient option. To know about Payment Portal
Click here   

How to pay fee ?
You are required to pay fee online to our payment gateway through Credit Card, Debit card, Netbanking. wallets etc. Choose your option

                                       REFUND OF PROGRAM FEE PAID BY YOU

Is Program fee, refundable?
Yes. After completion of the Program/Internship,once you join ILA as Astt. Manger/Manager-Legal aid , Program fee paid by you will be refunded in three equal installments as per rules.

If you refund the fee then why do you charge it?

​Everyone wants a return to their investment. If you have invested money for cLAM Program, you want a return in the form of good salary, future growth etc. The program fee is kept to meet ONLY the main expenses done by ILA even there are few expenses which are not included in the Program fee with a view not to structure a higher fee. ILA invests an amount that is not charged to you. Once you join after the completion of the program, the amount invested becomes returnable through your working for ILA but if you do not join due to any reason , it will never be returned. To assure your joining as Astt. Manager after completion of the Program, ILA promises to refund the fee as an reward to you for enabling ILA to recover its investment and for fulfilling your commitment which you shown by joining ILA after completion of the Program.


I am MBA with 5 years of experience in top MNC and also have many other diplomas, short courses. Do I need to enroll for this Program?
Yes, inspite of many diplomas/degrees that you have alongwith fine experience you possess,you are still required to enroll for this Program. Previous education/experience will help you to understand this course more efficiently but the knowledge this program will provide you is unique since it is prepared by law experts uniquely to fulfill the demand of skills and knowledge required particularly for the position of Astt.Manager/Manager-Legal Aid.

I am unable to attend Orientation Program at New Delhi, Would you permit me? How would I learn which I missed ?
Yes, on certain genuine condition we can permit a candidate to skip to attend 2 day session at New Delhi. We will send you the complete video CD of the orientation Program, which will help you to understand and gain knowledge on the topics/lectures which you missed and you can understand/learn the same with the help of your Program Coordinator.

What are the criteria to gain certified status?
The training program includes evaluation system to judge your subjective knowledge and practical implementation success rates. You get the certificate after successfully completing your training programs.

How and where are the exams conducted?
You will require to submit assignments with the help of your Program Coordinator.

I have some problem regarding the topics, who will solve my problem?
Don't worry. You will be provided with dedicated Program Coordinator,who would be available on phone / email to solve your query. You will always find solution to your problem in easy way.

                                                        ABOUT JOB/PLACEMENT

How much salary will I be getting after completing the cLAM Program and internship?
Salary of Astt.Manager between Rs.
34,000 to 40,000 while salary of Manager between Rs. 48,000 to 58,000 /month. Salary varies on different parameters  like performance , consistency etc. , additionally we also offer commission which is between 15%-25% on revenue generation.

Do you provide placements?
Yes, all candidates , after completion of the Program would join ILA.

How much time to work in a day?
If you really want to do something great in life you will have to work hard with dedication,honesty. Complete the task not time. 

If I pursue this Course what kind of job opportunities will you provide me or help me with?
All the candidates who joins this program, after successful completion of the program will be merged either as Astt. Manager or Manager. which will depend upon on your performance during program/internship.

What is the guarantee of Job?
cLAM program is only offered to those who are willing to work as Astt.Manager/Manager-Legal Aid. Therefore, this program itself is embedded with a confirmed job after its successful completion.

Is this possible to do work from home after I complete the course? / Is this possible to get such projects wherein I can work from home, if I complete this course?
Yes, The most remarkable point is that not only you get the opportunity to work from home but you also earn a very good amount working with ILA by holding a responsible position.

               FAQs related to position of Astt. Manager / Manager-Legal Aid.

You do not have office in my city, how would I work?
This is an era of Digital Age. Successful institutions/companies/organizations taking the magical benefits by adopting the technology, which is increasing their profit and decresing the expense. Video-conferencing, internet, Mobile and other advanced technology has ruled out the necessity of establishing an office in each city. ILA is a law firm and believes in stepping ahead with the technology, which is most important to sustain in this modern era and therefore, proudly adopted this culture.
We are conducting this program nationwide as a mission not for profit. Our appointed Astt Manager/ Manager will act as our representative/ first contacts/ spokesperson/ILA office bearer in the city of their appointment and would implement policies. initiatives.projects as sole owners.
"One City one Manager" is the policy of ILA. As per rules Not more than one person will be appointed as Manager.

How I will get my salary/commission?
The salary/commission will be disbursed in your Bank account on each 1st working day of the month.

Who will pay the expenses that I will be making towards activities/promotions/meetings etc.?
ILA has complete module of reimbursement of expenses made by its members, which will be shared with all new members after joining.

What is my work as Astt. Manager/ Manager-Legal Aid?
This Program will prepare and will launch you as "Astt. Manager / Manager " in your city. You will learn many new skills and mainly you will work/focus on the following:-

  • You will work as a Local Office of Organization. You will be Head in the Jurisdiction allotted to you for all activities.
  • You will make a team of Executives and Astt. Manager for your support.
  • Responsible for overseeing entire gamut of activities encompassing business strategic development project management.
  • Meet members of District / High Court Bar Association to share your projects to collect revenues through different projects/initiatives.
  • Organize /handle Corporate Training, Events/conferences in allotted jurisdiction and make it successful through defined strategies and hard work.
  • Report to Concerned Supervisor on daily/ weekly basis. 
  • Medical Negligence Reporting to District panel of advocates.
  • Enrolling Doctor‘s for different membership/conference.
  • Video reporting of Hospitals/doctor accused of Medical malpractice / negligence and victim patient and upload the same at Online portal through the help of reporter in your team
  • Private/Govt./Hospital/clinic surprise inspection and reporting
  • Patient Case Registration for Medical Negligence 
  • Enrolling doctors/medical student for online Medico Legal Courses.
  • Enrolling general public for online L.A.W.(Law awareness Workshop).
  • Inspect hospital/ clinic /Diagnostic centres and issue Anti Medical Negligence Compliant Certificate  
  • Investigate the given case related to cyber crime., domestic violence etc.
  • Continuously be in contact with District Administration.

Who will support me to carry on my duties smoothly?
You will always get support from ILA and dedicated help line and infact  

If I do have problem who will help me?
ILA will provide complete support/help to all its team members whenever required.