ILA Academy©

The motive of ILA Academy is to give unique experience to Undergraduate, Post-Graduate and Law students interested in Research work around the world.

We suggests internships, organize seminars, workshops, Moot court competitions, essay Competitions on each level (National and International)

We have also included Corporates for Specialized Training designed to educate their employees on different topics of law to update them with day to day legal issues in this changing world.

LSC caters to Undergraduate, Post-Graduate and Research Law students around the world with unique and extraordinary experiences through Student-Meet, discussion board with other law students to exchange thoughts and share experiences, help in legal study. Open for all Law students across worldwide.

We do organize Life experiencing Research program for law students.

LAW Initiative

We think that the law should be taught at school level, we do have structured a specialized program for school students to aware them with the latest law on cyber laws, sexual harassment, white collar crime, etc.

We do have committed law teachers as our members from across worldwide. Those guide free of cost to members of LSC on their specific problems related to Law subjects.
We also help law students in securing scholarships for higher studies for LL.M. and Doctoral program worldwide.