ILA's Member Law Firms (MLFs) represents private equity firms in connection with all aspects of their business, including public offerings, structuring and organizing fund sponsors and investment of their funds, conducting legal due diligences, negotiating and drafting shareholders and share subscription agreements, financing and exit transactions.

Our MLFs have a vast experience in mergers, acquisitions, amalgamations, joint-ventures, disinvestments, spin-offs and all types of foreign collaborations. Our MLFs have commercial, corporate and tax expertise for many complex negotiations and cross border transactions that involve multiple jurisdictions worldwide.

The capabilities of Our MLFs include a full range of merger, acquisition and joint-venture activities for listed, public and private companies for all sizes of transactions. Our MLFs' clients and experience are from every major fields of business. During any such transaction, the legal services of Our MLFs generally involve following scope of services:  

•    Assisting in Structuring of the Transaction
•    Consultancy during Preliminary Negotiations
•    Preliminary Review of the  Agreements
•    Conducting Legal Due-Diligence
•    Assisting in obtaining Regulatory Approvals
•    Finalizing all Documents and Agreements

Private Equity & Venture Capital