All of our people have opportunities in the diverse communities in which they live and work to take an active role in society. We encourage and support our people world-wide to use their legal knowledge and other professional skills to promote social inclusion, benefiting those who are disadvantaged, or under-privileged or lack access to the advice that we can offer.

ILA  is actively engaged in providing pro bono legal services. ILA and its members have been providing legal representation to various not-for-profit / charitable organisations in legal proceedings, including public interest litigation.

ILA has also provided advice to, and assisted, various not-for-profit / charitable organisations on different aspects of law.

ILA and its members have also advised the Governments in connection with a number of WTO disputes as well as assisted several of its Ministries in the drafting /review of policies and legislation.

Not only Non Profits but the need for legal services among the poor is overwhelming. According to an study at least 70% of low and moderate-income households experience a legal problem each year. Yet studies show that the collective civil legal aid effort is meeting only about 20% of the legal needs of low-income people.

ILA is  dedicated to increasing access to justice through innovative uses of technology and increased volunteer lawyer participation.

We are inviting Advocates interested in Pro Bono , Contact us.

We have a range of approved pro bono and volunteering schemes which aim to assist the wider community. Participation in these schemes is open to all.

Our pro bono and volunteering schemes include:

Rehabilitation and Upliftment of People
(Details of project can be had on request, Contact us)