Real Estate and Property Law

Real Estate and Property law continues to be a vital and necessary part of legal practice across the globe. At ILA, our Member Law Firms (MLFs) understand and appreciate the value of real estate.

Lawyers at Our MLFs for real estate matters have immense experience and understanding of the practicalities involved in confirming with the applicable property and real estate laws.

Real estate lawyers at Our MLFs are experts in the field of property law, and go out of their way to provide a proficient and expeditious service, which ultimately promotes sound and enduring relationships between Our MLFs and their clients. Our MLFs' clients include major domestic and international banking and financial institutions, listed and unlisted corporations, property developers and consultants, commercial and residential real estate agents as well as private individuals.

Our MLFs' real estate & conveyancing practice team advise on and handles all aspects of property transactions worldwide. Our MLFs' services include offering assistance in-

  • acquisition and development of residential and commercial property
  • commercial, residential and mixed-use schemes
  • landlord and tenant issues including rent arrears, dilapidations, forfeiture and lease renewals
  • development disputes
  • breaches of contract
  • drafting, negotiating and resolving disputes arising out of real estate brokerage agreements
  • all phases of construction projects, including negotiation of construction-related agreements and litigation
  • rent review and standard rent
  • development project
  • international property transactions
  • landlord and tenant matters
  • leasing of all types of property
  • mergers and acquisitions/joint ventures involving real estate
  • mortgagee's/receivership sales
  • mortgages, loan agreements and debentures
  • administration and registration of mortgage bonds in respect of corporate housing schemes
  • advice on and drafting of commercial and residential leases
  • advice on and implementation of deceased and insolvent estate property transactions
  • real estate due diligence and title investigation
  • building and construction contracts
  • advice on and implementation of deceased and insolvent estate property transactions
  • commercial property re-organisation
  • financial structuring of property transactions
  • management of developed properties
  • negotiation and drafting of property sale and acquisition and sale agreements
  • planning and development of sectional title schemes
  • project management
  • property sub-divisions and consolidations
  • property syndications
  • registration of transfer of residential, sectional title, commercial, industrial, agricultural and hospitality properties
  • zoning, establishment and registration of townships
  • Deemed conveyancing

The concept of one party purchasing property from another may seem relatively straightforward but the reality is that property law often involves complex issues.

Our MLFs' real estate attorneys are experts and are able to handle the legal aspects of any property transaction. Whether you are purchasing or selling property, refinancing your private or commercial property, planning to lease and/ or build your own home or wanting to extend an existing building, the right legal guidance and assistance is critical to offer you timely and expert contractual, commercial and conveyancing services as property disputes are one of the most financially draining problems a business can face in todays market.

Our MLFs are steadily building the practice and are gradually establishing a wide base of clientele which includes investors (both individual and corporate), developers, construction companies, financial institutions and statutory boards. Even with the advent of technology and an increasingly sophisticated market, team of lawyers of Our MLFs'  poised to take on the challenges of practice in this area. Our MLFs also counsel a wide range of clients such as financial institutions, companies, regulated institutions, closely held businesses, and real estate developers globally.

Our MLFs handle all aspects of commercial real estate, including buying and selling, development, construction, financing, leasing and time-share and condominium creation and conversion. When representing clients in real estate finance transactions, Our MLFs' attorneys are actively involved in all aspects of structuring and documenting the transaction.

The Lawyers at Our MLFs represent clients in connection with acquisitions and dispositions of real estate, real estate / properties worldwide. Our MLFs emphasis on exhaustive due diligence investigations of proposed acquisitions and provide guidance with procuring regulatory and other approvals. Our MLFs assist project developers in all phases of the government approval process. Our MLFs represents clients in connection with preparing and submitting site plans and subdivision applications for office buildings, shopping centres, industrial parks and residential complexes to various concerned authorities worldwide. Our MLFs aim to secure as much protection from liability for pre-existing conditions and encumbrances.