The objective of this conference is to bring Medical and Legal Partnership (MLP) in India for the first time by making a gathering of Medical and Legal Professionals at one platform and to discuss the complex issues and to find out possible solutions. ILA will suggest the outcome to Legislative authorities / Government of India for possible changes.

The Conference deliberations will be on the following themes with focus on their Medical, Legal and Ethical dimensions:-

  • 1. Solutions to reduce the risk of health care and improve its safety (WHO initiative)
  • 2.i.)  Medical Legal Partnership (MLP)
  •    ii.) Current Ethical and Legal Issues in Surgery
  • 3.    Panel Discussion / Speeches by speakers on:-

               i.) Sexual and Reproductive Rights – ARTs, Surrogacy, Abortion, Medical Termination                        of Pregnancy            

  •        ii.) Mental Health, Insanity
  •      iii.) Old Age, Geriatric Care, Dementia
  •      iv.) Property over Tissue and Blood, Organ Transplantation
  •       v.) Death and Brain Death, Permanent Vegetative State, Euthanasia
  •      vi.) Patient Autonomy, Informed Consent, Medical Paternalism
  •     vii.) Domestic Violence & its Impact and Application in Health Care
  •    viii.) Medical Negligence, Medical Evidence, Expert Opinion
  •     ix.) Drug Marketing, Drug Hoarding
  • 4.) Ethical Responsibilities of Medical and Legal professionals in easing Life of affected          people through MLP
  • 5.) Ways to get engaged and adopt Social Responsibility in true sense.

Attend this Conference to be a part of Historical event of Formation of Medical Legal Nexus in India through Medical Legal Partnership(MLP). International Society for Medical Legal Partnership ( ISMLP) will be Founded. All Participants/Delegates become member of the society.